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Shared Kitchens is a cost effective solution for:


  • Facility is accessable by reservation 24/7 for those late-night jobs!
  • Pay only for the hours you need with our flexible membership plans.
  • Cooler/Freezer and dry storage.
  • Conference Room available for staff or client meetings.
  • "Overflow" space for those with existing facilities for peak season or large events.
  • Perfect facility to prep and store for large off site events.

Personal Chefs

  • Great "home kitchen" for storage.  
  • Prepare for mulitiple clients and reduce the amount of time spent on location.
  • Expand into the catering business.

Bakers and Specialty Food Producers

  • Ideal to market your specialty foods to area markets and restaurants.
  • Low overhead during start-up or growth phase.
  • Variety of professional equipment to meet your needs.
  • No large investment required to get your product to market.


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