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3635 Burnette Park Drive
Suite 300
Suwanee, GA  30024
215 Laredo Drive
Suite 100
Decatur, GA  30030

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Let Shared Kitchens be your Kitchen Facility Solution!

Shared Kitchens, LLC is a cost effective solution for culinary entrepreneurs!  Often referred to as "kitchen incubators", "community kitchens" or "shared timed kitchens", the concept of Shared Kitchens is a simple one.  We provide a fully licensed, professionally equipped commercial kitchen available for rent on an as needed basis.  You choose a membership level that allows you the amount of time that you actually need in the kitchen.  You never incur expensive overhead for time spent working an event, meeting with clients, or making phone calls from home!  At Shared Kitchens  you will have access to quality professional equipment and onsite cold and dry storage.  We maintain accounts with wholesale distributors for all of your food and supply needs.  You simply reserve your space, place your order, then arrive at the facility at your chosen time ready to begin cooking or baking.  Whether you are just starting out, or already have an established business, Shared Kitchens  can help to make your business more efficient and profitable! Contact us today for more information!

Now 2 locations to serve you, Shared Kitchens Decatur!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a second Shared Kitchens location!  The new facility is located at 215 Laredo Drive, Decatur, GA  30030. 

Licensing Status: 

We are currently licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Gwinnett County Environmental Health (Suwanee) and Dekalb County Environmental Health (Decatur).   We accept memberships from catering companies and companies that produce baked goods and other food lines that fall under regulation of the Georgia Department of Agricluture. Processing a product for wholesale that contains more than 3% meat requires USDA licensing and cannot be done at Shared Kitchens.